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About:  "Love, and do what thou wilt." ~St. Augustine of Hippo

jumblie asked: Hello. First of all, I absolutely love your blog. I wish you posted more often because you have an incredibly good taste for art and photography. Secondly, just a curiousity - I noticed the Babalon sigil in your BG. Are you a practicer of dark magick, or just curious on the subject like me?

Hi, sorry for not blogging regularly and thanks for your complement! I love your blog too or else I would not have followed you!<3  I’m just so busy with other things right now and my life is in a bit of a transition. I mostly blog when I’m inspired and I mostly use it as an inner dialog with myself in attempt to bring whats lurking in my subconscious to the surface. Hopefully I’ll start blogging soon.

No, I’m not a practitioner of any magick. I’m just curious like you and always hunger for more knowledge. If I was to consciously use any form of magick, it would be only use to gain more experiential knowledge. I believe most people use magick to serve their ego, which goes against my philosophy as I believe the ego should serve the spirit.      


Budi Kwan
“The half-wise, recognizing the comparative unreality of the Universe, imagine that they may defy its Laws—such are vain and presumptuous fools, and they are broken against the rocks and torn asunder by the elements by reason of their folly. The truly wise, knowing the nature of the Universe, use Law against laws; the higher against the lower; and by the Art of Alchemy transmute that which is undesirable into that which is worthy, and thus triumph. Mastery consists not in abnormal dreams, visions and fantastic imaginings or living, but in using the higher forces against the lower—escaping the pains of the lower planes by vibrating on the higher. Transmutation, not presumptuous denial, is the weapon of the Master.”The Kybalion
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